The MediaPreserve digitizes a wide variety of black and white and color film, including:

  • 9.5mm print, master positive and negative
  • 22mm print, master positive and negative
  • Super8 and 8mm reversal, print and negative, including magnetic-striped film
  • 16mm reversal, print, master positive and negative, including A+B rolls and composite magnetic or optical film
  • 35mm print, master positive and negative
  • Nonstandard gauges and odd formats
  • Nitrate

These represent only a small portion of The MediaPreserve’s overall film capabilities. Please contact us if you are unsure about your collection’s formats.

For each asset that arrives at The MediaPreserve, we create up to three files intended to fulfill all possible use needs: a preservation master file for long term storage, an intermediary file for presentation/editing, and a streaming file for digital distribution. For film assets, we offer both high definition and standard definition scans. We will work with you at the beginning of the project to determine which files best suit your needs.