The golden age of film is over. Companies are no longer producing film, and film projection is in steep decline. As studios and filmmakers turn to digital, playback equipment is harder and harder to find. Now is the time to digitize your films, before it is too late.

The MediaPreserve film studios are configured to ensure the highest quality transfers for your valuable film prints. We have full suites of top quality film scanners capable of digitizing the rarest to the most common film gauges, including Super 8mm, 8mm and 16mm film. We handle silent and sound, black and white and color, from work prints to soundtracks to final negatives. Due to popular demand, we perform both standard definition and high definition scans.

We have been able to digitize content from the turn of the twentieth century up through the present day. Our film engineers come to us with decades of photochemical and digital film preservation experience, and can handle collections of any size or condition.

Interested in starting a film digitization project? One of our Preservation Program Specialists will design a plan that is customized to suit your needs. Please refer to the Contact Us page for information on how to begin the process.