The MediaPreserve has been in the audiovisual preservation business since 2007. We have digitized for hundreds of institutions, universities, and museums transferring an array of formats including 1” Type C, 2” Quad, video cassettes, digital videos, film, and many more. Our work has covered numerous genres, including home movies, propaganda, documentaries, and works of art, as well as news, scientific, musical and educational programs.

The MediaPreserve provides careful and efficient transfers of audiovisual materials of all types. We are committed to creating customized preservation programs based on the needs and infrastructure of each client, and to that end, we retain a staff of trained engineers, archivists, librarians and preservation specialists to ensure that all assets are handled according to professional standards and best practices throughout the preservation process.

Our engineers have had extensive education, training, and experience in analog audio and video preservation and have worked on numerous cultural, historical and archival collections. They are all active within their engineering community and their respected field’s professional organizations.

We designed our workflows based upon standards, principles and recommendations from such authorities as The Image Permanence Institute (IPI), Audio Engineering Society (AES), Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA), and Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE), among many others. Our engineers continually study the professional literature to ensure that our studios conform to current best practices.