We believe your materials deserve protection from the moment they leave your door to the moment they return, not just while they are in our facility. To that end, we have created custom workflows designed to protect your materials from damage during the transit process.

Since the inception of the company in 1992, our shipping department has facilitated the pick-up and delivery of over 10 million books, with several thousand books coming and going each week. We have also received and shipped over 150,000 audiovisual assets since 2006. We maintain in-house tracking systems to ensure that all items arrive safely and are returned in pristine condition. Thanks to our careful shipping and logistics policies, we have never lost or damaged an asset during transit. Because of our careful logistics we are able to offer our clients fine arts coverage from the time the assets leave their facility until they are safely returned at the completion of the project.

Please refer to our shipping and logistics packet for more information.