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Bookkeeper® Deacidification

Preservation Technologies’ Bookkeeper® Deacidification Process is the only process that meets current and projected OSHA, FTC, and EPA consumer and environmental requirements.

Bookkeeper deposits a safe, non-toxic alkaline buffer into the paper that neutralizes harmful acids. The process does not require any solvents or gases that can damage inks, adhesives, paper, or binding fabrics. And because Bookkeeper is solvent-free, no harmful chemical residues remain in the paper. There is no need for after-treatment off-gassing to remove odors or humidification to restore moisture to the paper.

Bookkeeper is the safest, most effective means of deacidification. Numerous independent testing agencies have conducted tests to investigate the efficacy of deacidification. Please refer to the independent tests to learn more about those agencies and the results of their tests.