Video Formats
Our video engineers have extensive experience transferring a wide range of media, including:

  • VHS
  • 3/4” U-matic
  • Betacam, Betamax
  • Hi 8mm
  • DV, DVCam, DVCPro
  • MiniDV, HDV
  • 1/2 EIAJ
  • 1” Type A, B, C
  • 2” Quad

These represent only a small portion of The MediaPreserve’s overall video capabilities.

For each asset that arrives at The MediaPreserve, we create up to three files intended to fulfill all possible use needs: a preservation master file for long term storage, an intermediary file for presentation/editing, and a streaming file for digital distribution. We will work with you at the beginning of the project to determine which files best suit your needs.