In addition to our deacidification process, Bookkeeper is offered in two convenient formats — the Bookkeeper Spray Products and the Bookkeeper Spray System. These products are available for purchase small jobs. Contact us for more information.

Bookkeeper Spray Products safely treat single items, including manuscripts, documents, clippings, maps, posters, and other paper-based materials contained in modern library and archival collections.

Bookkeeper suspension is virtually odor free and dries in minutes. Bookkeeper does not damage inks, adhesives, or binding materials. It is non-clogging, non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, and contains no CFC’s and is completely safe for the environment.

The products are available in 150g. non-aerosol, refillable bottles, and 900g. refill bottles and do not expire. Bookkeeper Spray Products will be just as effective for years to come.

Spray Products